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About Our Program

Tobacco Free Trinity 

The goal of Tobacco Free Trinity is to encourage a tobacco free Trinity County through education, community engagement, and leadership opportunities. 

Human Response Network has been conducting tobacco education and advancing health in Trinity County through the Tobacco Education Program since 2006 under a contract with Trinity County Health and Human Services. 

We focus on creating community partnerships and fostering youth leadership to make positive changes in our community through policy, education, and social change.  

Group of Friends
Protecting Youth through Tobacco Retail Licensing and Restricting Flavored Tobacco Sales

Shielding youth from predatory tobacco marketing and sales through promoting adoption of a Tobacco Retail License in Trinity County and restricting the sales of flavored tobacco products.

Gay Couple with Daughter
Smokefree Outdoor Areas

Protecting children and the community from the dangers of secondhand smoke through advancing smokefree outdoor area policies for events, recreation areas, parks, and other public outdoor spaces in Trinity County.

Uplifted Youth
Youth Leadership

Tobacco Free Trinity engages youth in creating positive changes in their communities through providing leadership training and positive youth development.

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