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Protect Trinity County
Support Smokefree Outdoor Areas

Secondhand Smoke
Couple with Daughter

Smoke travels 20 feet once it is exhaled. Children are easily exposed to smoke at community events.

Vaping Isn’t Safe
Man Vaping

When people use e-cigarettes, the secondhand aerosol has dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer and damage lungs.

Tobacco Waste

Tobacco litter is toxic—it releases poisons into the environment and harms wildlife.

Fire Danger
Forest Fire

Each year, local fire departments respond to nearly 30,000 outdoor fires caused by smoking.

Set a Healthy Example
Happy Family

When we model healthy behaviors, we make it easier for our children to make healthy choices.

Why We Need Smokefree Outdoor Areas

Take Action

Protect your community from the harms of tobacco use! Contact us to learn about how to help make community events and outdoor areas smokefree. We are here to help!

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