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Support Provided for Smokefree Public and Private Places in Trinity County

A young child wearing a striped shirt eating outdoors with the wording Secondhand Smoke Doesn't Belong Here. There is no safe level of secondhand smoke.

The Human Response Network (HRN) Tobacco Education Program provides support for smokefree public places in Trinity County including technical support for creating and adopting no smoking and no vaping policies for organizations, businesses, and properties.

HRN’s Tobacco Education Program recently provided a sample smokefree policy and no-smoking signs for the Trinity Center Community Services District and Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department where a no smoking grounds policy was adopted on June 13, 2023.  This policy prohibits the use of both smoked and vaped products. It is intended to protect the health and safety of all who visit and work at the Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department and to aid their work in reducing and fighting wildfires.

Sign with the words smokefree public space and images of a forest fire.

Several local organizations and groups have adopted smokefree grounds policies, including the Highland Arts Center and adjoining meadow where the Farmers' Market and many other events are held, the Jake Jackson Museum and History Research Center of the Trinity County Historical Society, Lee Fong Park, and the Trinity County Fair.

Designating outdoor places as smokefree has multiple benefits including protecting people from the dangers of secondhand smoke, preventing wildfires, and preventing tobacco litter and vape waste.

For help with writing and adopting a smokefree grounds policy for your organization or business in Trinity County, contact us at Human Response Network.


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